Jan Bačur
26215 Padina- Srbija
Lenjinova 30.
tel. 013/ 667- 080

Za sve koji ne govore srpski jezik mogu kontaktirati preko mene gospodina Jana Bacura (For those who do not speak the Serbian language can contact me through the English painter Mr. Jan Bacura):

prof. Darko Lazic
mob. 064/26-26-497
E-mail: motornavozila@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/darko.lazic
Skype name:  darkol16

One comment to Kontakt

  • Silvano Biella  says:

    Good morning Mr. Jan Bacur,
    my name is Silvano Biella, and I write from Villasanta, near Milan.
    I am a lover of Naive art, for many years now. I am also a small collector.
    I am a close friend of Giovanni Rossi (Issor), that you know. Giovanni has asked me to write to you, because he does not know English language.
    Giovanni greets you and wants to tell you that we will come to meet you, if possible, on April 27. We will leave Italy on 25 April, and we’re going to Hlebine, to meet some friends painters.
    On April 26 we will be in Vojvodina, to meet the Master Stojkov in Sombor.
    Then we will stop for the night in Novi Sad, and 27 will come to Kovacika and Opovo, at the museum. We would like to meet you, if possible, and Drago Terzic and Michael Povolny too.
    If you can be there we would be happy.
    You could, please, also feel Mr. Povolny of our visit (because I don’t know how write to him).
    Thank you very much for your kind attention. We await your response.
    Have a good day.